Forex trading in Dubai and UAE

Forex trading in Dubai and United Arab Emirates UAE .

Forex trading involves buying and selling of one currency against another. Usually the major currencies traded in UAE and Dubai are US Dollars, Japanese Yen, British Pound and Swiss Franc.

UAE is fastest growing online trading hub after that of Saudi Arabia. People in UAE have good earning and thus need some source for making good investment. This has attracted a lot of them to forex markets. Also, a lot of forex brokers have come to this region, having their office in Dubai.

Forex brokers Dubai

Forex trading in Dubai and Forex trading in UAE is carried out by many online brokers. However, most of them are not regulated by the regulatory organizations. Since such brokers handle millions of dollars of trades per day, it is very important to ensure that the broker is regulated by some strict regulating authorities. You must take care and ensure to choose a safe and trustworthy Forex broker in UAE and Dubai. A lot of websites help to choose from the wide range of forex brokers. One can open an account in minutes and begin with forex trading.

Forex brokers in Dubai and UAE.

Forex BrokerSpecial FeatureReviewVisit Site
marketsRegulated by ‘CySEC’ and FSB. Most trusted broker.

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Regulated by CySEC ,ASIC and FCA.
Risk warning :Your capital is at risk.

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InstaForexEU regulated. Ultra thin spread.

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InstaForexRegulated in Europe, Japan, Australia, South Africa

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Advantages of forex trading

  •  It is a 24 hour market operating for 5 days a week. One can trade for all day long without waiting for the market to open everyday.
  •  It is the largest financial market in the world. It has many instruments in which one can trade. These instruments make the trade an organized one. It also makes Forex trading in Dubai easy.
  • One can make profits in both rising and falling markets with the use of proper instruments of forex trading.
  •  The transaction costs are very low to increase the volume of Forex trading in UAE.
  • One can opt for trading from home after depositing certain amount of money in their online account. Thus, there is convenience of trading from home.

Making money by Forex trades

The number of retail investors has increased due to increasing awareness of importance of Foreign currencies in global economies and their impact on every economy. Thus, now a lot of retail investors are investing in ForEx markets in UAE. Traders can pick up a few currencies which are safe rather than the exotic ones in the beginning. Some brokers also offer demo trading facilities to help traders. The traders need to have their opinion about the rise or fall of a particular currency and only then make a buy or sale contract of that currency as against another.

However, one should always bear in mind to invest as much as one can afford to lose. If the market moves in an opposite direction to the opinion of the trader he may make huge losses. There is nothing like stop loss options or risk minimizing features in Forex trading.

When investing in forex markets, one should bear in mind to study the political, economic conditions well.  These news and other financial developments are updated live at some leading websites and brokers. Also one should try and take advantage of them while trading in Forex in UAE.

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